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Fiber Optic Cable Installation Companies

Fiber optic cables have become very common in company offices in the past few years with the reliance on online data becoming more important day by day. We at DEC Contract pride ourselves to provide the best fiber optic cable installation companies in the market and we understand the value of having your data being transferred at high speeds and being available to you at any time without needing to wait for a long time to load it or look for it.  Other than just your data being processed at a much faster speed than regular cables, your internet will also be much faster to ensure that your company is working at the highest efficiency and that there are no delays to your systems. This will allow your company to work much faster and also will help improve your company’s customer service as the time taken to respond to customers with relevant information will be decreased by a lot.

fiber optic cable installation contractors

Fiber Optic Contractor

At DEC Contract, our fibre optic cable installation contractors will help you understand the benefits of the fiber optic cable and how it will be implemented in your company. Unlike other fiber optic cable installation companies, we also provide 2 types of cables which are multimode and single-mode. Multimode cables are good for office spaces as the data travels faster because it takes advantage of a larger core and takes advantage of the lower-cost LED & VCSEL technologies which operate in the 850nm window. Single-mode fiber optic cables can be used in distances up to 100 km and it is usually used in long-distance, Cable TV and telephony applications.

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Competitive price

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About DEC Contract Sdn Bhd

DEC Contract Sdn. Bhd. is a Malaysian company which has been active in many
major projects. The range of project work has been involved was electrical
system, conveyor system and telecommunication system work. Contact us today to find out how fiber optic cables can help your company and consult with our fibre optic cable installation contractors.

Our Client

  • Western Digital
  • Setia City Mall
  • Suria KLCC
  • Hospital Shah Alam
  • Sunway Velocity
  • Eco Majestic
  • Pavilion KL
  • MRT Corp

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